LaRA and Robocup at Home 



Mobile Robots for Services

Example of commercial robot, Bluebotics 2007 
Some of LaRA activities aim at developing novel solutions for mobile and autonomous robots, cooperating with humans, with the goal to assist them. This is well in line with what is proposed in Robocup-at-Home initiative.  
Our team has participated to all Robocup-at-Home world meetings and competitions, since the very first one in Bremen, Germany, and is preparing for next one. 
The test cases carefully defined in yearly rulebooks provide significant examples of relevant applications for real world situations. 
While a long term goal, as suggested by the humanoid structure Nao on the left, may have some merits, short and medium terms solutions involve many other technologies, e.g. as well for kinematics, materials, or sensors as for communication and cognitic properties notably (e.g. our RH-Y robot, on the right).  
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