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Some information, presented at the World meetings of Robocup-at-Home, in Bremen 2006, Atlanta 2007, Suzhou 2008, Graz 2009, and Singapore 2010 is available below. Refer also to "Pictures and videos" section. 
Robocup 2010 in Singapore 
In 2010, the world level Robocup competition has been held in June in Singapore. And like all years since the beginning of Robocup-at-Home League, we intend to join Robocup again. You may download: 
- our Team Description Paper 2010: Click here, 2.3Mb, pdf format. 
- our Project Description slides 2010: Click here; ca. 51.8 Mb, pdf)  
- our Project Poster 2010 (traditional format): Click here; ca. 184 kb, pdf) 
- our Project Poster 2010 (new, Singapore, "text" format): Click here; ca. 9.9 Mb, ppt) 
In the year 2010, two new elements have appeared, which are particularly meaningful. In the first case, our team has demonstrated how the mediation by a humanoïd robot can help humans to simply hold a dialogue with other machines ; « Daniel* », sitting on a sofa of the living-room, has answered positively to a proposal made to him by « Nono », our Nao-typed humanoïd, who, driving our omnidirectional platform, OP-Y, has consequently called up its robot mate RH-Y, in order that the latter brings to Daniel a drink and some snacks. In the second case, collectively for our league, a part of the competition developed in a « public» setting: a department store located in a mall ; in particular, our RH-Y robot, guided by the natural motion of a human, has navigated toward the appropriate shelves in order to learn where to fetch, later on autonomously, some specific objects selected by referees. Click here for pictures and videos. Generally speaking, robot abilities improve, even if some "strange" aspects of the rulebook sometimes do not allow to highlight all the available capabilities (e.g. in the "Follow me" test, the advanced safety capabilities of our robots collided with the rulebook requirement for the "professional" guide not to step back and regain control. For the ranking, our team swinged between the ranks 5 and 11, depending on considered time and tests, finally settling in the upper half of the score list. 
Poster in classical format: 
Poster in Singapore, text format: 
Robocup 2009 in Graz, Austria 
In 2009 Robocup took place in Graz, Austria; we were in the league "at-Home",as usual. You may download: 
- our Team Description Paper 2009: Click here, 6.2Mb, pdf format. 
- our Project Description slides 2009: Click here; ca. 30 Mb, pdf) 
- our Project Description Poster 2009: Click here; ca. 0.27 Mb, pdf). 
Results have been especially good for us (RH4-Y) in the following tests: "Introduce", "Follow-me", "Walk and Talk" and "Open Challenge" (including the control of one robot by another, in gesture mode), bringing the rank of our team in the upper half. More generally, assistance tasks in home environment confirm to be very tough to be taken over by robots but new principles are explored, and tools and techniques improve. (This year, in addition, some of us were also involved in Festo Hockey Challenge, along with Robocup, where it was proven that a group of 3 robots can adequately score a goal against another robot team ;-) ) 
Robocup 2008 in Suzhou, China 
In 2008, our team RH3-Y has again participated to the world competition "Robocup", in the league "at-Home", this time in Suzhou, China. Autonomous and fast following capabilities have proved very effective, as well as human-robot interaction techniques allowing for versatile non-contact motion control. You may download: 
- our Team Description Paper 2008: Click here (official), here (updated)
- our Project Description slides 2008: Click here; ca. 17 Mb, pdf). 
Robocup 2007 in Atlanta, USA 
In 2007, in Atlanta (1-8 July 2007), our team RH2-Y has participated to the maximum of four tests (out of 6) allowed by the rules, has ranked second at the end of the technical round, was promoted to the final round, and ranked 4th of the global competition. 
You can download a presentation of the project: Click here (.pdf, ca 4Mb) 
Four newspaper articles written in French and a radio record are available on our site in French language Click to go 
Robocup 2006 in Bremen, Germany 
In 2006, in Bremen (June 2006), Robocup-at-Home was not an official league yet, and in this pioneering phase, the goal for our team RH1-Y was to participate to the minimum of one test (out of 4), "Follow a Human", as well as to the "Open Challenge" so as to gain some experience. These goals were successfully met. 
RH1-Y Team description poster 
Click on picture to download RH1-Y Team Description poster (635kB, .pdf) 
Open Challenge poster 
Click on picture to download RH1-Y Open Challenge poster (614kB, .pdf)


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